How long before the wedding should we book a wedding officiant?

Because your Wedding Officiant is a legal requirement for your ceremony, we recommend that as soon as you have your venue booked, book Always And Forever Life Celebrations.

Are you willing to incorporate elements from other cultures or religions?

Yes. Having performed hundreds of ceremonies, we have included a broad range of cultural, religious, and creative personal elements in wedding ceremonies. Our team enjoys the unique flavour these bring to a wedding.

Is a rehearsal necessary?

Rehearsing is necessary, but a formal “walk-through” rehearsal is not. We specialize in a comprehensive “talk-through” rehearsal where we review the entire ceremony with the use of a full ceremony script. This saves time, energy and money for each couple.

What do your officiants wear to the ceremony?

We dress in professional business attire.

Typically, how long does a ceremony take?

The average length is 20 minutes. However, each ceremony is unique, so times vary depending on the components chosen.

Can we incorporate friends/family into our ceremony?

Absolutely. We can help make that involvement a meaningful part of the ceremony.

Do we have to memorize our vows?

No. You don’t have to memorize anything for the ceremony. We conduct the entire ceremony.

Does the officiant stay for the reception?

No. We always appreciate the kind invitations to stay for the reception, but we graciously decline.

What time does the officiant arrive on our wedding day?

We arrive 20-30 minutes before the ceremony to set up the marriage license, will speak with the wedding party to review the processional, and connect with the other wedding professionals to make sure they understand the flow of the ceremony. We make sure the ceremony begins on time and is the start to an amazing day.

How and when do we receive our marriage licence?

The Marriage Licence Application must be completed by individuals wishing to purchase a Marriage Licence in order to be married in Ontario. The form will only be accepted by completing the information and taking it in person to an Ontario Marriage Licence issuer. You will need to bring with you identification, such as a birth certificate (along with any change of name certificates), current passport, Record of Immigrant Landing or Canadian citizenship card, along with photo identification for both the bride and the groom. Contact your City/Municipality Clerk’s Office for the location of the Marriage Licence Issuer nearest you and any further requirements. For questions regarding the marriage licence and name change, please contact your local licensing office or the office of the Registrar General.

What if I need to change my time/location/date after we book?

A booking form and payment guarantee the location, date and time of your ceremony. Please let us know if there are any changes to those. We do have a team of Officiants, so if your Officiant is already booked for the new date and time, another one of our team will lead the ceremony.

How many times do we meet before the wedding?

We love to meet with couples and hear about the vision for their wedding. We also understand couples want to meet with us to ensure there is a good connection and confidence in the process moving forward. We meet with each couple twice. Our first consultation includes a discussion of the legal requirements of getting married in Ontario; an introduction to our ceremony resource website and the unlimited options available to you; a conversation about your vision for your wedding; and an explanation of all the elements you could include in your ceremony. Our second meeting is a unique “Talk-Through Rehearsal” where we discuss the final details and the flow of your ceremony. We meet in convenient locations (usually a coffee shop) and our meetings are efficient, informative, and relaxed. We are also available through the entire ceremony planning process.

Do you offer, or require premarital counselling before the wedding?

We do have members of our team who are relationship coaches, certified through Enrich Canada. We provide a 4-session professional course to identify strength and growth areas in your relationship and learn how to take the next steps towards success. This is not a requirement, but is offered as an amazing support to each couple.

Do you still have questions?

Reach out to the Always And Forever Celebrations team for more information.

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