At Always and Forever Life Celebrations, we are passionate about serving couples and families at significant life transitional moments.

Our 3 foundational commitments


  • formal training and certification as Life Celebration Professionals and public communicators
  • legally licensed by the province of Ontario to perform wedding ceremonies and always follow the Marriage Act of Ontario
  • certified by the Ontario Association of Professional Wedding Officiants
  • full-time booking manager and part-time associates always available to answer questions
  • vast experience in all life celebrations
  • affordable fees and always the best value


  • meeting personally with all couples and families and taking the time to create meaningful ceremonies.
  • available for ceremonies year round, including holidays
  • online directories to assist couples and families to connect with other professionals in the wedding and funeral industry
  • referred by the finest venues and industry professionals


  • proving a wide array of ceremony options through our online resource websites
  • working in concert with couples and families to customize every ceremony to reflect your values, style and personality
  • male and female officiants and celebrants available
  • honouring special requests and involving others in the ceremonies.

We had numerous compliments about you from our guests, they really enjoyed how you led the service. Thank you for everything you did to make it easy and comfortable for us, we really appreciate it.

Amanda and Trevor

Meet: Martti

Always and Forever Life Celebrations, Founder

Martti Pajunen has been inspiring people to lives of greatness and goodness for over 3 decades. As a Life Celebration Professional, and Certified Relationship Coach, he has led over 2,800 new life celebrations, coming of age ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. His warmth, humour and practical wisdom are the hallmark of his communication.

His Amazon international bestselling book, “The Thirteenities”, is a valuable guide for parents of tweens (9-12 year olds) helping them to ignite and infuse virtuous values into the lives of their children.

Martti (a Scandinavian/Viking version of the name Martin) is the proud father of three children and five grandchildren. He enjoys hockey, motorcycling, and attending blues festivals.


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Thank you so much for your encouraging words and warm smiles. We love the way you helped us stay relaxed and comfortable.

Christina and Kevin

Meet Our Team

Cheryl Schade

Dean Kennedy

Jen Taylor

Jim Giles